Broken Hands - Four EP

Broken Hands - Four EP

Broken Hands just get better and better. Every time they return on record or live, their riffs are more aggressive and better crafted. Everything is tighter, faster, and more polished. This is a band with momentum and hopefully, on the brink of a breakthrough to bigger things.

This time they have returned promoting the latest single ‘Four’ with a UK tour. Here is our track by track review of their latest EP:


Short and sharp, ‘Four’, showcases everything there is to like about Broken hands. Bullish yet infectious vocals combine with aggressive guitar riffs which, if were written by Josh Homme, would be garnering far more attention.


Levitation (Magic Carpet Remix)

Remixes are often a token gesture for single and EP releases. This one however, refreshingly elevates the song into interesting new areas. Broken Hands are rock band with lots of nods towards its glorious past. This remix demonstrates there is still new ground to tread, possibly by them.

The psychedelic and floaty beats take the song from balls out rock to a record with a sprinkling of magic. Will this be something the band work towards? Probably not, but, it’s definitely exciting territory to consider for their b-sides of the future.


Cadet H (Demo)

The flip side to adding production wizardry on a remix comes from this raw demo. There is a great sense of danger lurking in the basslines here whilst Dale Norton’s vocals stray from powerful to prog rock seamlessly.

The bands fascination with outer space continues and its one that serves them well. It appears well educated but better still, it comes loaded with emotion and fanaticism that makes the listener immerse them in their world.


Gravity(Scott Demus Remix)

This remix is a solid affair and the type which is common on b-sides for bands. It doesn’t create any real excitement but is perfectly pleasant enough for background noise. Part of the problem here is that it remains one paced. However, fans of house music would probably argue that this sets a good tempo and grooves along quite nicely.