Childhood – Californian Light

Following their terrific debut album ‘Lacuna’ in 2014, the Brixton outfit return with sure signs of reinvention.

Their new single ‘Californian Light’, is from their forthcoming second album ' Universal High' and is a a great stride towards Philly soul. Fans of 'Lacuna' will not be left wanting though, it blends the soul with their trademark psyche-pop.

The crisp soul vocal from Ben Romans-Hopcraft sits somewhere between Love's Arthur Lee and Marvin Gaye on his 1971 classic 'What's Going On' album. Hopcraft has the ability to reel you into a warming soul arena and then, in a heart beat just drift away with an aloofness. It's the perfect tone for Childhood's sun drenched sound in a world that is struggling not destroy itself.

If the standard of 'Universal High' is like this, well, Childhood could quite possibly unite the musos and the mainstream.