Delights - Naked Heart

As they gear up top play the Wheels and Fins festival, Manchester's Delights have offered up their most pop friendly single to date.

There self-titled EP, released in 2017, showcased their indie credentials with nods to Foals and Real Estate. Here though, with precious weeks of the British summer left, Delights have set their sights on pure radio friendly pop music. The light and breezy drums set the platform for a solid if not unspectacular indie love song. However, having written and performed it themselves, don't hold out much hope of radio airplay.

That said, this fledgeling band have hit a level worthy of radio consideration here. If they are to be wrongly rejected, here's hoping they go away angry and bitter to return with something they cannot deny.




Delights - Delights EP

Delights are an unsigned four piece from Manchester. With this much promise, not for long:


'Bloom' demonstrates an impressive real focus for a young band. There is clear recognition they have a good riff and have an expanded a melody around it with excitement levels up more often than not.

Better Place

With some Real Estate-esque guitars in play, Delights garner far more identity than on the opener. The style is laid back like Real Estate but, the high tempo remains and forges interesting new paths.  


The vocals are, excuse the pun, a delight. Kevin Rowlands style of fragile soul comes to the fore and reignites a love of underrated 00s bands such as Cajun Dance Party and Polytechnic.


This is pleasant if nothing else. It’s a kind of indie that will bring in the teenage novice but turn away a seasoned record collector. At the start of a bands journey though, this cannot be held against them.