Engine - truth be told

Engine - Truth Be Told

Engine recently told the excellent http://www.theskinny.co.uk/

"The song was conceived and recorded at our respective home studios in the Leeds suburbs; the inner heart of Burley and the outer ring of Headingley. A patchwork of sketchy samples and reverberated live recordings, we built the track up over several weeks.”

The results of this DIY effort are remarkable. Put Steve Mason's vocal on this and you have a Beta Band classic on your hands. The drums cascade their way through an array of synths and bleeps to conjure images of an aimless dissident.

 This is apt as lyrically, ‘Truth Be Told’ details the confusion of what is real in this politically moribund era. The glorious reference below to the advocators of “post-truth” could only be topped by a GIF of Farrage and Trump flinging their own shit at walls until sticks:

"Say what isn't seen and / Then it's seen / Then it's meant to be"

Three quarters through comes a guitar part so sublime it offers up hope in its purest form. This supplemented with the lyrical call to arms at the songs conclusion:

"No more dreaming, no more respite / No more sleeping, no more respite"