Ghost//Signals – A Bag For Death

Newcastle-based four-piece Ghost Signals have returned with their new single ‘A Bag For Death’. Much like Fierce Panda’s Sad Boys Club, they are making waves with their Cure inspired pop music.

Vocally, Rick Lanning has a great ability to impart elements of so many of the 00s greats. Its Preston (The Ordinary Boys) at his pop finest, there’s the fluidity of Joel Stoker (The Rifles) and the warmth of Liam Fray (The Courteeners) circulating throughout.

Musically, it unashamedly reaches for glory with The Cure as its foundations. It has the hallmarks of The Rifles and The Courteeners at their freest flowing. Setting such an awe inspiring sonic to a tale of toxic masculinity in society still burying its head on mental health is highly commendable.

Already a must see in act in Newcastle, Ghosts//Signals look set to achieve wider success with this heartfelt portrayal of a universal problem.

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