Methods – Mankind

Methods, a five piece hailing from Wolverhampton and Salford have their roots indebted to Depeche Mode and New Order. Big shoes to fill.

On their new single 'Mankind', they have taken a leap into their hero’s world, with a spirit to stoke the fires of this sound once more. The archetypal Peter Hook bass from Adam Hall syncs up with the lush and expansive synths from Jon Nash to create their own dystopia. After darkness must come light, that killer hook isn’t quite there but, there are chinks of light here to get excited about.

Ash Bradley's vocal, sitting between Interpol's Paul Banks and a more aggressive version of Dave Gahan, keeps ‘Mankind’ hovering above a nuclear button. Bradley is awash with danger and fury.

All hail the darkness!

Artwork by Dan Crew:

Twitter: @DanCrewAnimate

Instagram: @DanCrewAnimate