Militant Girlfriend

Militant Girlfriend: Village Green Festival

South East London’s Militant Girlfriend kicked off the spectacular Grrl Zine Fair at Village Green Festival. Surrounded by, quite frankly, some astonishing pieces of DIY art, the three piece delivered a fragile and heart wrenching slice of punk-pop.

The bulk of the set emanated from last year’s self-titled EP.  ‘2k17 Was For Dickheads’, a joyous piece of slacker rock, showcased Caitlin King and Liv Wynter’s innovative ability to harmonise. Their blend of fragile pop and punk venom continued on ‘Letters’, a gloriously painful break up song.

Despite the punk ethos, on ‘Marge’ and ‘Re-Run’, they took their style towards the West Coast beauty of the early 70s. The former, a jaw dropping ode to King’s mum. Meanwhile, ‘Re-Run’, was causing the painful re-living of a relationship coming to an end (sociopath alert if it didn’t).

Militant Girlfriend’s ability to channel pain through loving and stirring punk-pop inevitably will take them to bigger audiences.The world cannot be kept from their best years.

Friday 2nd August marks our 8th birthday. Come down to the New Cross Inn for a night of great live music. Tickets available here: