Muscle Shoals

Treetop Flyers - Treetop Flyers

As the nu-folk scene dissipated, those with the biggest potential, like Treetop Flyers and Johnny Flynn were left in the wilderness somewhat. It is then, through sheer spirit the London outfit have made it to the third album. Would that potential finally be capitalised on?

From start to finish, they draw upon the love of the Muscle Shoals studio and Stephen Stills. 'Needle' echoes the sumptuous riffs of Ketih's guitar on 'Wild Horses' whilst 'Hard to Understand' invites you to revisit Buckingham and Nicks at their best.

It is an album brimming with love and affection, especially on the opening instrumental 'Fleadrops'. An effortless piece of guitar playing to sail in to the sunset too. 'Sweet Greens & Blues' will place you in the middle of the best party ever as the charms of Mamas and Papas and Jefferson Airplane surround you.

If you are going to name yourself after a Stephen Stills song, at some stage, you're going to have to deliver a 9min folk-rock anthem. Their attempt, 'Art of Deception', aptly has the most Stills-esque vocal of the album. Its so light in touch and with the sax parts, Van Morrison at his fleeting best comes into the picture. That is, before it descends into a psyche cum folk cum soul freak out. Bringing together West Coast past and present (Daniel Wylie and GospelbeacH)

Third time really was a charm for the Treeptops. The sun has shone on everything they have done here. If they can pull this of live, they are going to become household festival names for years to come.