Ocean Flaws

Ocean Flaws - 20:22

What a remarkable step up in class from one of 2016's most promising bands. Previously, they have touched upon The Verve circa ‘Storm In Heaven’ and ‘A Northern Soul’ but, here, they take the genius of Nick McCabe and spliced it with their own magic.  

The throbbing riff that pulsates throughout is a demented heartbeat in this slow building epic. It could, trip along like this and be fine but, the addition of Olivia Russell on dual vocals allows them to expand their sound monstrously.

It would be remiss not to mention the insatiable bugged out psyche via rock n roll solo in this song. As brilliant as Tame Impala have been in the past decade, this solo is serving notice on them and all prog-psyche, it’s time for psyche to get dangerous once more.