Seazoo – Jumbo

The Wrexham outfit are back with yet another EP. Here is our track by track analysis:

The Heart of Hercules

This is all about its production values. It has the melodic nature of Delphic’s debut but waltzes along an alternative 90s US indie line. The combination serves up sublime pop music itching to sit alongside Beyonce and One Direction on radio playlists.

Telephone Jones

‘Telephone Jones’ steers away from pure pop music and moves towards indie territory. The results, scintillating. The Church organ opens affairs and lays the platform for dirge guitars to blast out the traps.

The real magic though comes from the guitars and the insatiable spirit they deliver. Remember as a kid when you run against the wind with your coat above your head? Remember when you made yourself dizzy for the sheer fun of it? Well, combine the two and throw in a jaeger bomb and the spirit of this song will become clear.


Subtly, this a more subdued track which has familiar feel to it. It's that pair of boxer shorts you cannot part with because they’re so good to you on long arduous journeys.

Musically it has all the same elements of the previous two tracks but just dialled a little. It allows you to feel great but without the need to scream about it and thus, a perfect tonic after the opening tracks.


There's a lot to be said about the final track but mainly, the words “that guitar part” should cover it. It loops over and over so beautifully, its almost unbearable. If it were a line from a film it would be:


It has a childish glee to it which, if played over a montage of a dear departed would bring tears of joy, not sadness.

 The main thing to take away from 'Jumbo' is the unique ability it has to sound crazy but achievable. If bugged out production was to be thought about in punk rock accessibility terms, then this is the starting point for anyone curious.

The EP is available to buy and listen to on their bandcamp page: