Steve Mason

Steve Mason live at The Barbican

Scotland’s finest singer (FACT) brought an extraordinary show to London’s Barbican Centre. Accompanied by arranger and conductor Joe Duddell, a string and brass section, two drummers, a percussionist and pianists, this was something truly remarkable.

Mason’s ability to blend folk, psyche, electronica in to alternative pop music is feat everyone should see live. However, the first part of the second half saw Mason’s angelic vocals twinned with just the orchestra. This, particularly on ‘Boys Outside’, brought out a purity in the song not heard before which, is remarkable as it details his former demons.

Throughout the set, Mason revisited his Beta Band days and rightly decries “I’m extremely proud of all the work”. There is a strong feeling that Mason is enjoying these postcards from his younger self as much as the audience.

‘Dry The Rain’ brought a respectfully sat crowd to its feet and to the Barbican's aisles in many cases. The orchestra shined brightest on this classic, as the song builds and loops over and over, the true spirit of this song encapsulated the room.

Mason though, is not someone that needs to rely on his early days to lift a crowd. ‘Alive’ and ‘Planet Sizes’ go down as well, if not better than anything from his past. On this kind of form, Mason has to be considered for big festival slots this summer.