The Crookes - The Lucky Ones

The Crookes - The Lucky Ones

Sheffield's The Crookes feel like a brand new band every time they resurface with new material for several reasons. Firstly, THEY NEVER EFFING AGE!!!! Secondly, and more importantly, they continue to add layers to their 50's rock n roll via The Smiths sound.

Previous album 'Soapbox' had their hardest guitar sound to date and was without doubt, the most free spirited they have ever sounded. New single 'Lucky Ones' continues down this path but the levels of experimentation have been upped with the inclusion of synths and fuzzy basslines.

As ever though, its the carefree attitude to The Crookes which makes them so appealing. As the chorus breaks joy, love and hope are brought back to life in the alternative pop world.

As Wait sings 'Oh come on / Don't you wanna be the lucky one / It goes on and on / Like staring at the sun / Do you wanna be the lucky one' the feeling that lovers are on a journey or best friends are making plans no-one else will understand looms large. Their ambition, quality and infectiousness cannot be ignored for another album, can it?

The dream of being a great poet and a life affirming band doesn't appeal quite so much now big record deals are off the table. The Crookes though, buck this trend, and this new single are demonstrating just how much can still be achieved.

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