The Mu-Tones

The Mu-Tones – Slab City Records

The MuTones, fronted by Marion’s Anthony Grantham, are a three piece from Manchester. ’Slab City Records’ is their debut single and will be released on Ugly Man Records on 30th June, supported a launch show at Jimmy’s Northern Quarter the same night.

The thunderous bassline carts you to their garage rock realm instantly. Through Grantham’s big hitting riffs and melodic vocals, ‘Slab City Records’ delivers a hard hitting but accessible form of pop music. Its fire and fury reek of hand carved tattoos reading ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’, a loyal following is inevitable.

The backing vocals during the chorus bring a touch of Phil Spector’s girl groups to this relentless Iggy ‘Raw Power’ thunderbolt. As debut singles go, this is a great statement of intent.