The Novatones

The Novatones - Drunkn Bar Fight

Southampton’s The Novatones have returned with a new EP ‘Drunken Bar Fight’.

Their ability to recreate the punkier anthems of the 00s has seen the accrue many a fan from that era. Now, with these two everyman tales of nights out, they could be on the cusp of reeling this generation. After all, everyone epoch needs tales of sex drugs and rock n roll, doesn’t it?

‘Going Home’, with its roots firmly in the Artic Monkeys classic ‘I Bet You Look On The Dancefloor’, they’ve found an anthem for the unwashed indie night club masses. With the drunken swagger of Pigeon Detectives and the lyrical spite of Tom Clarke’s The Enemy, ‘Going Home’ is going to soundtrack many a night out.

Meanwhile, ‘Dancing In The Dark’ recalls the raw side of Dogs. The thudding beats of ‘Charlie’ and the debauched melancholy of ‘Spring’s Not Always Green’ combine with punk’s immediacy. Despite being the weaker of the two, the guitar breakdown offers an off the beat sound not seen from there before. The thought of wayward mod psyche, The Horrors clashing with The Ordinary boys is one to truly salivate over. Can it be done? We’re going to enjoy finding out.

Friday 2nd August marks our 8th birthday. Come down to the New Cross Inn for a night of great live music. Tickets available here:

The Novatones – Prince Albert

Southampton’s The Novatones hopped along the coast to Brighton’s Prince Albert to play Modern Age Music’s night last week. It felt more like a spiritual homecoming than a gig.

At times, they hit upon the energy of ‘Oi’, but they never lose sight of a great pop hook. ‘Guns and Dynamite’ fires like early The View meets The Strypes. Meanwhle, ‘She’s Out’ has the effortless angst of The Rifles with pop hooks of Little Man Tate.

As a music scene grows, so does its content intellectually and experimentally. So, when a band like The Novatones comes alone., especially with the aged sentiment of ‘Living For The Weekend’, the excitement just floods back. Rip it up and start again!

On ‘Avenue Road’, they have hit upon a set closer for years to come. The hard edged Motown of The Jam meets the humble escapism of The Enemy’s classic debut album. When punk gets this injection of heart and romance its impossible not to fall into the arms of your best mate and live forever.

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