The Slow Revolt – Sketches EP

The Slow Revolt – Sketches EP

Aiming to become Peckham's finest export since Del Boy is Joe Mirza, aka The Slow Revolt. He recently released the Sketches EP. Here's our track by track review:


The spirit of Bon Iver’s debut album is invoked with the infectious guitar riffs on this EP opener. Vocally, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a hidden Jeff Buckley track. The upwards inflections lend a pleasant riff a anxiety which lifts ‘Lean’ above his peers.

Stitched Hearts

The more measured and downbeat approach taken showcases Slow Revolt at their best. It allows for the intricate vocal harmonies to bounce around the subtle production as if they are one in the same thing.

The looping keys deliver a tension which rub against the angelic vocals expertly. The feeling that this melancholic Everything Everything-esque number will explode into life or sink further into despair constantly looms with this loop but neither outcome emerges. Yet another indicator that brave song writing will define their future.


Perhaps Mirza’s most soulful effort to date. The feeling stems from the recurring line “the plague is mine” with a rawness rarely seen in the electronic genre.

Small Fires

You’d be forgiven for thinking Burial had a downbeat pop track on Small Fires. The beats and synths, although firmly from the world of Burial, are delivered immaculately. Furthermore, set to these sublime vocals, it raises itself into more accessible realm of industrial music than perhaps the brooding genius of Burial ever could.