Whistlejacket - Slam Dunk

Lovers of all things psyche, New Cross’ Whistlejacket are back and this time it’s seriously dreamy.

‘Slam Dunk’ is a sleepy as it’s possible to make guitars. Whilst a stark departure from their triumphant EP, ‘March Hare’, it does nothing to halt their march to glory.

Amidst the blistering heat this week, the woozy guitars and hazy production are the perfect tonic as everything grinds to a sweaty halt. In particular, the looping guitars in the final moments create a sense of blissful nothingness.

Whistlejacket – Oh Brother EP

The Fierce Panda label have unearthed another beauty in the London five piece Whistlejacket. Championed by both Simone Marie and Faris Badwan, they are band destined to join the rock n roll psychedelic elite sooner rather than later.

Here is our run through of their new four track EP:

Oh Brother

This opener takes the swirling psyche of Temples and injects it with Primal Scream’s sense of counter culture. Its big riff is demonic and intent on partying at the gates of hell.

Lyrically, ‘Oh Brother’ tells you all you need to know about their head-space, they don’t give a shit. As cinemas gear up to embrace the Gallagher's at their peak, this song feels an apt modern day nod to this spirit.

GB Ache

Another set of heavy hitting guitars combine with distant vocals on this Broken Hands meets latter day Arctic Monkeys effort. Throw in the bugged out production and the etchings of something special are clearly materialising on the horizon.

Hotter Than Heaven

The immediacy dissipates but it feels like they're searching for it at times. However, when it lets go, a beguiling, fuzzy and understated guitar solo emerges in the closing seconds to redeem itself.

March Hare

If this were a Facebook status it would state:

"when a band pulls everything together to create magic"

Combining the distinctive guitar work of The Cure at their peak with everything great about The Horrors, Whistlejacket have found their groove. Doing everything at once is a commendable effort but an almost impossible trick to pull off consistently. Allowing everything its space lifts them from 'great support band' to 'get the fuck out of the way, its our time'.