Woodpigeon – Whole Body Shakes

Woodpigeon – Whole Body Shakes

The new single from Canada's Woodpigeon is a precursor to the highly anticipated 6th album 'Trouble', due for release on April fools day.

The intro is as good as they come. The eerie atmospheric sound will have Grizzly Bear listening on in awe. It's the simplicity of the acoustic guitars with the moody piano combining with the harrowing bird-like noises which make it so special.

Band leader Mark Hamilton's vocals offset the sonic dejection with their lightness but lyrically, the shade remains a permanent shade of bleak.

The protagonist immediately creates a sense being crushed by the pressures of a relationship as Hamilton sings 'I'll always be true and blind / To your call'. Dig a little deeper and the water becomes far murkier. The immature and boorish claim 'I don' take kindly to being caged' will initially make your eyes roll. However, as Hamilton sings the songs title repeatedly an abusive and controlling undercurrent emerges from our protagonist.

This is a fantastic return from one of Canada's most overlooked bands. This is intelligent song writing but not just for the sake of it. It has heart and guts which all can relate to. Furthermore, its something the independent music community can be proud of pledging allegiance to.