Tallies: The Social, London

Toronto based four piece Tallies played their debut UK gig at The Social last week. With Ride legend Andy Bell dj-ing, it was a great way for them to make their mark.

Despite being in their infancy, there was a striking level of polish to their set. The level between the album and their live performance was minimal and, in front woman Sarah Cogan, they have an icon in the making. Her Harriet Wheeler-esque vocals carried a soaking wet London to far sunnier climates.

Lead guitarist Dylan Frankland took his turn to sparkle on the sumptuous ‘Midnight’ and the driving shoegaze of ‘Trains and Snow’. Despite their moments in the spotlight, there was no ego on stage just pure gang mentality.

So much of their set is littered with pop hooks, be it vocally or on the guitar. By the end, it felt inevitable a big break through is coming this summer for Tallies. The shimmering guitars on ‘Beat The Heart’ or the pop perfect ‘Mother’ were so delicious, binge eating beckons.

When you consider the success of Australia’s DMA’s in the UK with their re-imagining of late 80s and early 90s British music, this might well be a rare small gig for Tallies in the UK.  

*Image courtesy of Sonic Cathedral

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