The Academic - 2003 Mixtape

As a generation of Olympic heroes like Bolt and Ennis are reaching the end of their careers it’s impossible to not feel nostalgic for their glory days. Sound tracking this feeling, is The Academic's '2003 Mixtape'. 

Musically, its indie-rock drowning in sunshine and so carefree. However, can a tale of nostalgia ever truly signify happiness? Despite its unrepentant feelings for yesteryear, you wonder hurt has hit the pause button on this part of their life.

As with all their previous singles, The Academic have produced great riffs and euphoric vocals but, the highpoint emanates from Craig Fitzgerald’s delivery of the chorus:

“You and your mistakes / Me and my mistakes / Nothings gonna change the way I feel” 

Fitzgerald cuts a British version of Julian Casablancas in despair and, for anyone hung up on missed chances, well, expect to feel forlorn afterwards.