Theatre Royal - Locked Together On The Lines

Objectivity is a great thing but, fuck that, this is the single of the year! We knew it as soon as their album ‘And Then It Fell Out Of My Head…’ came out in March this year.

This is a true story of front man Oliver’s Nan discovering two dead bodies Chatham’s war memorial. One a sailor, and the prostitute, they lay “locked” as one may well imagine.

Vocally and lyrically, the human touch shines through on this tragic tale. The second verse opens with ‘a silent face / ', such bleakness has not been shrouded in pop majesty since The La’s ‘There She Goes’.

The blending of such grey English characters and landscapes with the colourful paisley guitar playing and indie harmonies is joyous and should be celebrated across the land. 

The double A-sdie also includes ‘All I Need’. A short emotive blast of English pop music. Fronted by guitarist Robert, this luscious romantic ode is further proof that intelligent pop music must have its place in the mainstream.