The Blinders: The Borderline, London

The re-vamped Borderline played host to The Blinders this past Wednesday night. It has been a mere 3 months since their last trip to the capital but, the contrast in the crowd is striking.

The Lexington gig in February had an air of ‘those in the know’ dragging someone along to see the UK’s hottest property. This show was the birth of a cult following. A small army of face painted disciples took to the front to mosh like their lives depended on it. We’ve seen it all before right? Well, the despair and isolation oozing from former single ‘Ramona Flowers’ is proof The Blinders’ existence depends on every note too.

There are nods to Joy Division, The Doors, and Nirvana, but crucially, their own identity is at the forefront now. They’re becoming more guttural in sound and more poetic in verse with every show. A dystopian landscape has been created and an underclass of intelligent creative souls are signing up in their droves.

With McGee and Lamacq in the audience and their debut due in the autumn, the big time is rightly approaching. With hordes of apathetic dullards tuning in to Love Island, let The Blinders infiltrate and remind everyone the power of working class art once again,