The Rifles - Wall Around Your Heart

The song opens in true Rifles fashion with guitars blasting out the traps like a four minute warning to the apocalypse. The pulse of the song is one we have seen time and time again from the Rifles and yet, it remains fresh and enjoyable.

This is, in part due to the guitars, particular the solo having a touch of jingle jangle a la Primal Scream’s debut to them. The Rifles though, do not do tranquil sun drenched songs. They offer an adrenalin fuelled ride to said genre and as a result, their massive following will be incredibly happy once more.

Many are criticised for not changing up their game enough. The Rifles often fall victim to said abuse. However, lifelong admirers will tell you what the subtle differences are, they’ll also tell you to fuck off and quite right. In an a time where bands life spans are one album, The Rifles are returning with their fifth in ten years and all without ever receiving airplay. You may not like them but you should respect them.