The Treatment - Treatment

Nothing this aggressive has ever emerged from Cambridge surely? The Treatment have the spite of Slaves but combine with the style and substance of The Horrors and The Doors.

Here is our track by track review of their self-titled and FREE EP (available here

The Dead Whale

A dark brooding assault of distortion combines with a Joy Division riff on the opener. Mid-way through, comes a surprisingly uplifting section hinting that chart domination may soon follow. This is closely trailed by a killer baseline as the song draws to an end.

Pride On The Fire

A glorious ode to The Fall via The Horrors circa ‘Sheena Is A Parasite’.

Aboriginal Splendour

Imagine Franz Ferdinand’s catchy guitars and baselines given an injection of fury and you’ll be carted to your favourite sweat dripping venue for this banger.

Last Mirror

The rage drops some gears but lurks dangerously throughout. Especially as it builds towards the Libertines’ ‘I Get Along’ territory before resetting to their own unique guitar part.

Beyond Hunger

The EP closes with baselines reminiscent of Dogs’ debut album ‘Turn Against This Land’ combine with distorted post punk vocals to create another menacing gem.