The Velvet Hands - Party's Over

The Cornish trio, now residing in London, have arguably delivered the most anthem filled guitar album of 2018. A stark reminder that concept albums are great but, bangers are more fun.

It’s been a while since the phrase ‘statement of intent’ has been levelled at an opener, well, ‘Sick of Living’ is just that. Yes, life is shit but “we’re having fun” is the message on this punkier version of BRMC’s ‘Whatever Happened to my Rock n Roll’.

They manage to encapsulate the spirit of The Strokes’ ‘Is This It?’ on ‘Only Blame Myself’ and ‘Trains’. The catchy punk rock combines with nonchalant swagger of the New York outfit with the former climaxing in the glory of a Kinks-esque solo.

Rock ‘n’ roll bangers are this albums bread and butter. There are times when it goes further. ‘I Don’t Mind’ has a chorus which forges a togetherness with the band and the listener through its shambolic arm in arm drunkenness. Images of spilt snakebite and sweat ridden walls of indie discos will spring to mind.

The derision in the lyrics and the unifying disarray on ‘Everyone is Dead’ is a celebration of all we know to be shit. Sonically, they’re worlds apart but, thematically, it brings Suede’s world of disillusionment and ability to kick back at the world to mind.

Whatever they choose to release from the album has genuine potential to be A-list material. This is an album of short and sharp singles which are set to soundtrack many a teenagers long summer holidays.