The Yellow Melodies - Life

Murcia’s The Yellow Melodies returned earlier this year with their eighth studio album ‘Life’. It seems an unlikely location for the hallmarks of great 90s indie-pop to resurface but, they’ve had one hell of a crack at it.

The moment title track ‘Life’ saunters into action, the cuteness of the Lightning Seeds rises and with the careering strings, the early spirit of Sleeper and ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’ era Blur come to life. Lifting ‘Life’, as well as ‘Don’t Think Twice’ and ‘For A Star’ away from pastiche are the guitars of Rafa Skam and Carlos.

For the most part, ‘Don’t Think Twice’ has an air of Bob Collins’ playing in The Dentists. A subtle shimmer revolves throughout like a hazy beacon of light. ‘For A Star’, with the lo-fi infectiousness of The Wannadies classic ‘Be A Girl’ album, meanders effortlessly like The Orchids with Rob Collins joining on keys before exploding into life! The solo that comes bursting into view is a destructive dirt ridden Sonic Youth piece of glory.

‘Our Time Is Over’ is where they pull everything they love together. The pop sensibilities of The Lightning Seeds and the jangle of Sarah’s Records collide with a triumphant melancholy a la Teenage Fanclub. There is so much heart oozing from the vocals and the orchestration, it’s hard not to give your CD a little hug.

There are moments of flatness such as ‘Come and See’ where the worst traits of Space emerge. However, when you temper that with the risk taking ‘Flying Together’, which couples Saint Etienne and The Auteurs, there is not much room for complaint.  

There is so much to fall in love with on ‘Life, the costly investment in the back catalogue is inevitable.

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