The Yellow Melodies

Album Revisit: Dot Dash - Proto Retro

Washington DC three-piece Dot Dash released sixth LP ‘Proto Retro’ last July. Although we missed it, when the good people at Canadian record label ‘The Beautiful People’ tipped us off, we had to revisit.

Wearing their influences as an emotional badge of honour, Dot Dash have delivered remarkably consistent piece of alternative pop/rock. 'Unfair Weather' has the punkiness of the criminally forgotten The Mice and the sublime licks of The Jam funnelled through the c86 movement. 'Dead Letter Rays', opens with a nod to The Courteeners’ ‘Bide Your Time’ before sliding into the infectiousness of Felt but with a Lemonheads riot beating at its core. Meanwhile, 'TV/Radio' adopts the mod-cum-punk jangle of Jasmine Minks in this assault on the senses.  

Despite the album’s consistency, there is a slight drop on the Boo Radley’s inspired 'Parachute Powerline' or the Britpop tinged 'Triple Rainbow'. However, when you countenance them with the firesome Sun + Moon = Disguise' or the hazy building 'Run & Duck For Cover', there is little cause for complaint.

The albums centrepiece, has to be 'Gray Blue Green'. A moment of pure genius. Squire’s, ‘Mersey Paradise’, jangle links up with the effortlessness of Teenage Fanclub before a Mott The Hoople 'Dudes' solo chimes in to melt all woes away.

It's albums like this, when discovered a year after release which make you question music industry. Just what is it doing? This is alt pop at its best. It should be on the radio alongside whatever major label factory line drivel is out there. Give pop equality a chance!

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