Crushed Veneer

Crushed Veneer are a three-piece punk rock outfit from London. They consist of Kieran (Guitar & Vocals), Al (Bass & Backing Vocals) and Julia (Drums).

They recently released the single 'Denial' to rapturous praise from Tom Robinson. It's not hard to see why! Their latest single ‘Denial’ has taken the escapist spirit of Gaslight Anthem and stripped it back a gutsy minute of punk rock.

Last May, they released their EP 'Desire and Need To Live'. It showcases a real love of Dinosaur Jnr and especially Husker Du on the aggressive and melodic 'Kind of Blue' and 'Sew Me Up'.

The heartache shining through on 'Wild Nights suggests the song-writing process wasn't nearly as cathartic as it should have been. Meanwhile, on the title track, Crushed Veneer have possibly hit upon their niche. When Frank Turner first emerged, the mainstream turned away from his blend of folk punk rock. If Crushed Veneer have half his success with this blend of emotive punk and lo-fi rock, the world will be a better place.

*Image courtesy of Simon Perry