The Wha

When a good new band emerges, it gives a tingling feeling in all the wrong (but very right) places. Hope and dreams flood the consciousness. When three of that band are still at school, you dream a little bigger. Might Ireland's The Wha be the frontier of this generation?

The Kilkenny four piece (Finn Cusack, Sam Cullen, Marek The Lech, Abe G Harris) released their debut single 'Innocents' Friday on all streaming services. Finn Cusack has an effortless sixties croon reminiscent of Alex Turner on his soundtrack to Submarine.

Sonically, this is Costello's 'Olivers Army' meets Irish modernists The Strypes. Much like the early Smiths singles, The Wha and their close associates are beautifully obsessed with 60s imagery.

Where do they get the nerve to be this good on a debut single?