Engine are a 4 piece from Leeds comprising of James, Dom, Matias, Cal. They largely record at home which, when you listen will astound you. The one precursor we offer is, imagine what they could do in an established studio or with record company funding to record at home all day.

Here’s a run through of their soundcloud page (check out our feature leangth of ‘Formulate A Plan’ here http://www.travellerstunes-co-uk.org/reviews/2016/7/20/engine-formulate-a-plan)

The Moody Duke

Comparisons to Kasabian’s prog meets dance music could be drawn but, this is a far more laid back affair. The dreamy house production floats by effortlessly and thus, allows the guitars to just drop in as and when they want. Sonically they are sitting somewhere between John Squire and Dave Gilmour and you can help but feel that, when Engine hit the peak of confidence, that something special will come out of their clash of styles.

On The Yankee Station

This has taken the crispness of Orbital and distorted it through a bizarre and glitch ridden dystopia. Singer James Elson, has a natural gift to deliver dream like vocals but, accompanied by the erratic beats and warped Sax, they conjure images of someone who has no control over their immediate reality.

(Un) fortunate

This is the shortest of the three tracks on their Soundcloud page but still crams in a lot. The house production styles are dialled down and the vocal cadence is far more radio friendly but a hit single this is not.

It still has that perfect sound for late night radio, one that, if Rob Da Bank were (and should be) on Radio 1, would be playing regularly. If only for the final minute where Elson’s mark Gardner vocals drift along to a sublime guitar part.