Jordan Allen

Hailing from Bolton, singer songwriter Jordan Allen and his band have been making inroads into the British consciousness in 2016. Let’s examine why:

Helter Skelter

This is everything rock n roll should be for a young band. Full of hope and spite, the infectious dirge guitars yearn for better times. The cadence of Allen’s vocal draws from Alex Turner’s early work, but, the slight gravel to his voice allows him to steer clear from rehashing indie’s past.

White Lines

The simplicity is key to this songs success. Whilst it may be reinforcing rock n roll traditions it does so refreshingly earnestly.

So often, slower tempo rock n roll tracks are just vacuous attempts at top 10 glory. ‘White Lines’ though, feels real. This is a tale for heroes who fail, who strut and stumble simultaneously and is all the better for it.

Too Much Too Soon

The latest single is an unusual blend of Wave Pictures and The Rifles. Vocally Allen strays towards David Tattersall’s breathy indie style but sonically, the guitars roar along a la The Rifles circa their ‘Great Escape’ album.

What is clear, these three tracks, should be seen by the band and fans alike, as a work in progress. They all have merits and make Allen standout. Nevertheless, what is Allen’s raison d’etre? The answer is not clear yet and that’s fine. These are humble beginnings with flashes of potential greatness. Get out there and support the band, without your help, they and rock n roll, will wither away.