Max Jury

Max Jury hails from Des Moines in Iowa. On the limited evidence he has supplied, seems set on providing another chapter in the great US songbook. The eclectic mix of rock, folks, soul and country is channelled through classic acts of those genres but Jury’s identity holds firm.

Expect to see this young man winning over unsuspecting crowds all summer on the festival circuit.

Beg & Crawl

The craftsmanship here, wow, it’s something to expect of seasoned musicians. Not, of a 21 year old. The blend of pop via folk is approaching the bracket of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’. It begs only one question, how dare he be so good so soon?

The intricate use of piano parts and faded vocals serve the joyous melody perfectly. Expect this to ringing out of every radio station this summer!


Standing On My Own

The video reflects all the influences that have gone into forming this heartfelt soul via country record. The heartbreak of country music comes via aching guitars and the lyrics of a damaged soul trying “to block out the sun”.

The use of brass, gives our hero a level defiance that makes you root for him. A simple storytelling tool but one only the masterful often deploy.  

It showcases the up and down emotions of post break up life. Couple this with some high pitch Curtis Mayfield vocals and Jury is most definitely winning.