RATS are the latest in a wave of UK rock n roll bands attracting the attention of Alan McGee’s Creation23 imprint. The Liverpudlian four piece are two singles in and have laid out an ambitious blueprint to glory.

 *Photo courtesy of Chris Driver

Figure It Out

Much like Primal Scream’s ‘Sonic Flower Groove’ impact on the Roses, Australia’s DMA’s have launched a wave of heartfelt rock n roll in the UK. Full of spirit, swagger and escapism, RATS’ ‘Figure It Out’ is an uniting anthem demanding to be heard.

Generation after generation has to endure the homogenisation of rock music, lately it’s been the dreary 1975 types and their fetid offshoots. With their unpalatable stench though, comes the reaction. The fightback from the likes of RATS, this is where true euphoria lies. The vocals here, taking the best bits of Rob Harvey (The Music), Tom Clarke (The Enemy) and Thomas O’Dell (DMA’s) are majestic.


Big emotive riffs collide from humble root combine to create an edgier but, equally pop driven Blossoms-esque single. With the earnestness of The Pigeon Detectives and the melodic dirge of The Strokes’ second album ‘Room On Fire’ coming together, there is no chance they’re not making it.

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