Shambolics, part of the Creation 23 revolution, are a four piece from Dunfermiline. Made up of Lewis McDonald (Vocals/Guitar), Darren Forbes (Vocals/Guitar) Jordan McHatton (Vocals/Bass) and Jake Bain (Vocals/Drums) , they are creating waves with a blend of the La's jangle and straight up rock n roll. They haven't quite hit that magic formula yet but, some things are inevitable.

Here's what they've been up to:

When She Goes Home

Distorting The La's to their Scottish roots, they've created sweet sonic to accompany a tale about carefree spirit. Despite the sumptuous jangle, it's the pitfalls of the protagonist where this songs beauty lies. The hallmarks of Michael Caine as Alfie or Rita Tushingham as Jo (Taste of Honey) permeate the sun kissed sounds to forge a murkier world to delve into.

My Time Is Now

The euphoric glam of Miles Kane's debut combines with the Libs inspired Trampolene. It's the sound of young people making things happen. In age where more and more is being ripped away from them, it's no wonder Shambolics sound so gloriously violent.


RATS are the latest in a wave of UK rock n roll bands attracting the attention of Alan McGee’s Creation23 imprint. The Liverpudlian four piece are two singles in and have laid out an ambitious blueprint to glory.

 *Photo courtesy of Chris Driver

Figure It Out

Much like Primal Scream’s ‘Sonic Flower Groove’ impact on the Roses, Australia’s DMA’s have launched a wave of heartfelt rock n roll in the UK. Full of spirit, swagger and escapism, RATS’ ‘Figure It Out’ is an uniting anthem demanding to be heard.

Generation after generation has to endure the homogenisation of rock music, lately it’s been the dreary 1975 types and their fetid offshoots. With their unpalatable stench though, comes the reaction. The fightback from the likes of RATS, this is where true euphoria lies. The vocals here, taking the best bits of Rob Harvey (The Music), Tom Clarke (The Enemy) and Thomas O’Dell (DMA’s) are majestic.


Big emotive riffs collide from humble root combine to create an edgier but, equally pop driven Blossoms-esque single. With the earnestness of The Pigeon Detectives and the melodic dirge of The Strokes’ second album ‘Room On Fire’ coming together, there is no chance they’re not making it.

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Young Garbo

Signed to Alan McGee’s new incarnation Creation23, Cardiff’s Young Garbo look set to do big things in 2019. Born out of the teenage friendship of singer Garyn Williams and lead guitarist Arwel Brown (Levi Ball and Milo Rodell-John completing the line-up), they have recently been on a This Feeling tour with label mates Jawbone.

Lets check out their recent double a-side:


A remarkably polished single for a fledgling band. The spirit of the Blockheads comes alive on this punk-funk anthem. 2018 was a raw awakening of the sharp tongued working class (Shame, Cabbage, The Blinders), might 2019 be the year of the intelligent party?

The hooks and Prince-esque solo display here suggest it might be. 

Things D Change

In a similar vein to ‘Faustus’, there is a brevity and a wryness to ‘Things D Change’ which can breathe life into a crowded polemical scene.

Make no mistakes though, this is still full of attitude and punk spirit. Bouncing along without a care in a world and with just enough frostiness to show up Foals for the bores they are. It’s Young Garbo’s time now!

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