Young Garbo

Signed to Alan McGee’s new incarnation Creation23, Cardiff’s Young Garbo look set to do big things in 2019. Born out of the teenage friendship of singer Garyn Williams and lead guitarist Arwel Brown (Levi Ball and Milo Rodell-John completing the line-up), they have recently been on a This Feeling tour with label mates Jawbone.

Lets check out their recent double a-side:


A remarkably polished single for a fledgling band. The spirit of the Blockheads comes alive on this punk-funk anthem. 2018 was a raw awakening of the sharp tongued working class (Shame, Cabbage, The Blinders), might 2019 be the year of the intelligent party?

The hooks and Prince-esque solo display here suggest it might be. 

Things D Change

In a similar vein to ‘Faustus’, there is a brevity and a wryness to ‘Things D Change’ which can breathe life into a crowded polemical scene.

Make no mistakes though, this is still full of attitude and punk spirit. Bouncing along without a care in a world and with just enough frostiness to show up Foals for the bores they are. It’s Young Garbo’s time now!

Our 8th birthday party is Friday 2nd August at the New Cross Inn. Click the image below for tickets: