Average Sex - Ice Cream EP

Supporting legends like The Charlatans in December is peppered with problems. The whiff of nostalgia loomed for the TT Christmas party. Nevertheless, we went home talking solely abut Average Sex (ahem).

Let’s check out their new EP ‘Ice Cream’:

Ugly Strangers

“We have no jobs and no money” so, what to do then? Make undeniable pop music? Done! Despite this song being about mental health issues and overdoing it, the melodies are so great, it inevitably brings great nights out to mind. The solo alone is enough to make you think of carefree youthfulness and being in love.

To twist a darkness to the light like this is remarkable. Superstars are born!

We’re Done

What a break up song, and more to the point, what a chorus!

“You act like I’m the crazy one / Since I slashed your tyres / And you won’t return my texts / Since I set your dog on fire”

Has obscene break up violence ever been so joyous and melodic? Images of packed arenas bouncing immediately come to the fore.

Hey Boy

Vivian Girls and Veronica Falls have walked the line of surf rock and The Ramones in recent years, but, never to this quality. Singer Laetitia Bocquet packs that knockout punch in her delivery and the solo is one you never want to end!

Ice Cream

If you thought their pop sensibilities couldn’t get any better, think again. The ‘oh oh oh’s’ are so infectious that they might be fatal.