Liam Gallagher Live, Ally Pally

Ally Pally, last week, was ventured to with a big sense of trepidation to see the immortal one, Liam Gallagher. The last Beady Eye gig at Brixton was only 3 quarters full, the stardust was fading. So, would this be a giant karaoke set? Will he be killing the memories of youth culture at its finest?

Fears were not put to bed on arrival. Ally Pally acts more as a wankers paradise than a gig venue. More people were queuing for a 15 quid burger than a pint. Then there was the support acts, Kyle Falconer, once great in The View delivered a bland set. Was this an omen? As for Rat Boy, give it up, just become a Jamie T tribute act, least then they can play some good tunes.

However, 'Fuckin' In The Bushes' drops, and there he is. This last great colossus front man. Enigmatic, angry, and disdaining of what he purveys. As “I live my in the city” leaves his lips all reservations float away. Yes, these are Noel’s songs, but without Liam, Noel would be still be polishing Clint Boon’s organ.

The opening pace is relentless, like Roy Keane tearing lumps out of Alfie Inge Haaland in his pomp. As a result, 'Paper Crown' becomes a welcome break. As do all the ballads of his new album. If there was a ‘mic drop, exit stage left’ moment, it was ‘For What It’s Worth’. The apologetic and defiant ode to brother Noel unites this packed crowd in a way that, previously only his brother could.

‘Rockin’ Chair’ was the only time Noel was missed, as the acoustic solo was butchered. Nevertheless, as soon Liam steps to the mic, the Lydon via Lennon vocal makes this blip irrelevant. No matter the song, no matter the writer, this crowd is one big Jager bomb boshing, bank card scratching party.

As you were!