GETRZ: Nambucca, London

Swindon's Getrz kicked off This Feeling's epic 'Big In 2019' in Nambucca in style. Clearly inspired by 2018's conquering The Blinders, Getrz are intent ramping up the intensity this year.

We all crave iconic front men and women but, Getzr lack of ego was striking. In a set packed with punk rock anthems, they adopt the spirit of Primal Scream in order to deliver the best song. Whether its the more emotive 'Diazefam' or the destruction of 'P.S.A', Getrz come one and come strong.

This was a solid punk set, it's one you'd go see again. However, on 'What He Said', it became a set you'd yearn to see again. The punk became more grandiose and the devilish wobble on the guitars was sublime.

Be sure to check them out on their February tour:

*Image courtesy of Jon Mo Photography