Heyrocco - Waiting On Cool

North Charleston's Heyrocco are back with a new EP. Here's our track by track on the three pieces new offering:


The EP opens with this single friendly gem. Sounding like Harvey Danger's cult hit 'Flagpole Sitta' via Grandaddy, it offers a lyrical nugget to why punk is a style, it’s a state of mind: 

“when everything stays the same I go insane” 

For anyone bitter with politics at the moment, don’t sulk, get mad and get even. 

 It’s Always Something New  

Across the pond lies a glorious alternative indie/punk tradition of male and female dual vocals. Yo La Tengo, The Rosebuds and Sonic youth to name but three. They are big shoes to fill but, if Heyrocco can maintain this standard for a decade, they might themselves in the mix.  

What’s really admiral about this song is the ending. Just when you think the inevitable guitar solo is coming they just reign everything in let it fade away gently.   

 Slice of Life

The most stripped back affair on the EP. For the most part this song is filler but then, emerging from the wilderness comes a sublime guitar part. Slightly warped and full of emotion, it says in 20seconds what the rest of the song doesn’t quite do. 

 Build It Up

‘Build It Up’ is an emotive version of Weezer’s ‘Beverley Hills’. Whereas Weezer build and build the humour, Heyrocco use the stop start riff to lead up to a heart wrenching release.  

Venice Beach

Heyrocco get in touch with their love of the Eels here as they combine hip hop, indie and odd ball production. There is a lot going on in this strange affair which makes us wonder, could they combine some these styles with the punkof ‘Yeah’ to create something truly unique?  

 Perfect World

A great stripped back riff loops in the verses that would make Beck proud. The subsequent eruption is as joyous as Weezer's 'Photograph'. Well played.