King Creosote - Wake Up To This

Fife’s Kenny Anderson, has become best known for his experimental work of late, including the bad ass Mercury nominated collaboration with Jon Hopkins. On ‘Wake Up To This’, he has returned to his intuitive pop sensibilities which saw him rise through the ranks of folk royalty during the late ‘00s.

His trademark electronica combining with his infectious acoustic melodies and Celtic vocals is joyous and evokes memories of ‘You’ve No Clue Do You’. The use of strings is a no brainer for Anderson’s brand of melodic folk but, not one we’ve seen a lot of. When you revisit classics like ‘Marguerita Red’, ‘678’ and ‘Home In A Sentence’, thoughts of a full orchestra and the Albert Hall become a burning desire

Whatever it is KC is striving to achieve, surely lies within this single. The combination of folk traditions and electronica offers everything that’s ever been great about him and still finds space for innovation.