The Rumble Strips - The Lightship Recordings

It seems an eternity since we heard from The Rumble Strips but, at the end of July, they released a new EP ‘The Lightship Recordings’. Here’s our track by track review:

Another World

All memories of Rumble Strips tend to lean towards their sun filled pop numbers, so, Another World is the perfect comeback for them. The pianos and guitars breeze on by without a care in the world as the chorus reflects perfectly:

“when we're living in another world / what a feeling” 

Around The World

Who needs melancholy when you have this? For anyone pondering the point of meetings where nothing happens and officious emails to 30 people when only 1 is needed, this, this song is the answer:

“Gonna buy me a car / Gonna put you in it/ I’m gonna die in that car when I’m old / all around the world”

Bistro Paris

Where do they conjure these melodies from? The deeper tone to Charlie Walker’s vocals lends this quaint lullaby a different tone to the previous two ‘sing your heart out’ numbers and, is much the better for it.  

South Harbour

This is a pleasant and jaunty affair but never really goes anywhere. This is a pity because, as the vocal harmonies 2mins come in, it threatens to do something interesting but sticks to the status quo.

Ticking Over

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Plods along pleasantly but there are no real lifts of excitement or escapism as seen elsewhere on this album. 


Walker’s opening howl of ‘wildlife’ is a thing of beauty, much like what he is describing. The power he summons is like a melodic town crier. Couple this with the Belle & Sebastian meets King Creosote indie-folk-pop verses lead to an encapsulating end to this EP.