Jordan Allen - 110 Ways to Make Things Better EP

The rock n roll outfit from Bolton have returned with this 3 track EP to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity. Here's our track by track guide:

110 Ways To Make Things Better

This is a rock n roll staple for the Bolton outfit. It’s not making any classic lists soon, but, every time they return, the momentum and positivity they bring to the table keeps rumbling forwards. The guitars are upbeat and when you see the charisma of Allen live, the penny will drop.

Imperial Leather Drama

Allen’s visceral vocals are so resounding that, it's as though he is standing on the ledge of building with no fear. This is also the first real glimpse of a guitar solo which blissfully carts you away. The relief it provides from this tense affair cannot be understated. There is a long journey ahead but, if they continue to blend the fury with the beautiful it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


In the mould of early Arctic Monkeys Little Man Tate and The View, ‘Rosie’ is a jaunty indie romp which, if you can't smile at, then we assume you are Piers Morgan and a prick.