Model Society: Water Rats, London

London four piece Model Society made great inroads a few years back but, their lack of presence left a ‘what might have been feeling’ in the air. Thankfully, they are back, with a new bass player and new tunes to boot!

Old fan favourites ‘Horizons’ and ‘Sounds’, were always steeped in The Members and The Buzzcocks but, now, they’ve taken on a rock n roll desperation. The feeling of last chance saloon echoes around the room and, it only breeds more love for the band.

The time off has clearly done them no harm. The new material is on fire. Latest single ‘Valentine’, hones their pop instincts whilst ‘Forever’ could be a lost Strokes classic circa ‘Is This It?’

All of this should be enough for any gig but, Model Society have ‘Systematic’ in their arsenal. It’s a rare breed of great social comment and great pop chorus combined. With the hallmarks of classic Blur and The Buzzcocks pulsing through its blood, set closers don’t get much better.