Towers of London - Send in the Roses

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is the band you remember. Now under Alan McGee’s management, the London outfit are back and this time, is humble!

No one will forget the pantomime antics of ten years ago, which was a shame as, lurking behind the bravado were some decent punk tunes. However, their return last year saw them in a redemptive mood. Comeback single ‘Shot In The Dark’ felt like an emotive plea for a second chance. On new single ‘Send In The Roses’, the great rock n roll apology continues.

Make no mistake, this is not the sound of a band getting older and losing their edge. It’s the echoes of a band with clarity and a self-determination to prove their worth. Moreover, there is a self-awareness to the lyrics which will warm the hearts of anyone who felt wanted them to win first time out.

Guitar music is most definitely on the march again and, with punk-pop like this in its arsenal, it will dominate airwaves once again.