Old Town Souls by Old Town Souls

The Kent four piece have returned with a new self-titled EP. Check out our track by track review:

Why Don’t You Hold Me

The EP opener sees some melancholic jingle jangle combine with a bombastic Faces swagger. It screams Oasis comeback single from the noughties a la ‘Lyla’, ‘Hindu Times’, ‘Shock of the Lightning’.

If you’re going to write about desperate relationship, you better sound like you mean it and, in Kevin Iverson, Old Town Souls have a vocal growl to do just that. At the mid-point, a big echoing riff acts as the protagonists last attempt to hold everything together before the effortless jingle-jangle drifts away along with the relationship.

In This life

There has been a lot psyche music of late, but few acts manage to insert guts and glory into their efforts. The rolling riff on ‘In This Life’ hints at a haziness, much like Oasis circa ‘To Be Where There’s Life’ and ‘The Turning’.

Without going full tilt on the trippy aspects allows their soul and Dr Feelgood side to come through. It gives everything a sense of adrenaline and need to breakout of their surroundings which music folk from the suburbs have so often adored.  

Gluing everything together on this murky Oasis circa are, what can only be described as kick ass drums.

Figure It Out

A gritty, tale of city life where confusion and despondency reign supreme. Anyone familiar with Iverson’s former band Dogs, will recognise their Orwellian spirit taking a starring role here. Yes, everything is shit, but it’s all we have so we’re going to run with it.

As ‘Figure It Out’ grows, so does an undeniable sense of victory. It refuses to let the bastards grind them down and, in the closing moments, the togetherness doesn’t just rise, it swarms all over you, demanding a two finger salute to anyone trying to supress your dreams.

Now You’re Not Around

At points, this track will lead you to the edge but sadly, doesn’t really take off. It just doesn’t have that solo, or killer riff exploding into life to keep you coming back.