Theatre Royal - Is That For You?

Yearning for pop music that matters? Well, Theatre Royal are for you. In fact, their recently released album ‘And Then It Fell Out Of My Head’ is littered with so many potential singles, it’s impressive they managed to pick one.

‘Is That For You?’ is yet another fine example of their Byrds via Primal Scream debut ‘Sonic Flower Groove’ guitar sound. Although relatively new in the consciousness of many, it’s taken from their 4th album so, don’t be surprised by the maturity of the song writing on display.

Like the great Verve songs, its hooks come from sublime use of the violin and it works with the impassioned vocal to tug at the heart strings. The emotive vocal delivery builds to a touching crescendo, which must leave frontman Oliver in a heap of his own tears each time.

The single and album are available on their bandcamp page:

Be sure to check them out at this year’s Shiiine On Weekender too!