Submotile - Ghosts Fade on Skylines

Dublin duo (Michael Farren & Daniela Angione) Submotile released their debut album ‘Ghosts Fade on Skylines’ this past April via the Midsummer Madness label.

Albums recorded at home can often lead to an autumnal sonic. Not here though, their heavier side dominates proceedings. ‘Eastern Sky Sundown’ in classic noise rock style will keep on revealing new layers but, its headline grab has to be the rip roaring drumming. ‘Amped and Faded’ again has that blast you away mentality. It may not fully deliver with its blend of Sonic Youth and MBV, but you cannot deny its venom.

Despite this heavier side, there nuggets of ethereal pop music from alternate realities. ‘Tarmonto’, takes the pop stomping licks of Johnny Marr, angelic Phil Spector girl group vocals and shoegaze styles. This will set festival season alight.

On ‘3am Reveries’ however, they have gem glistening in the sea bed. Its beauty is so pure it should come with a warning. It can be all things to all people. It’s the sound of best friends losing their shit in a big top tent at 3am. Equally, for anyone who’s life is falling apart or a relationship hanging on by a thread, this will rip it to pieces.

Fans of shoegaze, noise-rock, drone-rock and so on will inevitably dig this album. It probably won’t make the upper echelons of their record collection though. Nevertheless, it’s attempt to re-introduce pop hooks into the fold has to be admired in divisive Brexit times. It begins to blur people’s hard lines force them back together.

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