Good Mixer

Bugeye: Good Mixer, Camden

It’s hard not to think about the Mixer’s mythology on the approach to Inverness Street. The formative years of the art-rock scene congregating with the NME and Select journos, planning world domination. In 2018, the egos of yesteryear can be ill afforded in an era of isolation for bands.

Step forward London three piece Bugeye. They are back on the promotional trail with their slick new single ‘Is This Love’, this though, is where the formalities end.

It is a razor sharp display of post-punk riffs which are begging to be danced to. The in front woman Angela Martin, Bugeye have an icon in the making. Combining the wry snarl of Ari Up with the pithy sex fuelled Justine Frischmann, Martin is carving a space for glory.

Expect to see eye make up in a live venue near you soon!