Kick Out The Jams

Apeman Spaceman: The Amersham Arms, London

When 2 members of cult heroes Dogs (Johnny Cooke & Rikki Mehta) formed Apeman Spaceman in 2014, it felt inevitable the world wouldn’t miss out on their genius twice. The success, and more importantly, their vision wasn’t forthcoming immediately. However, 5 years on, it’s all coming together like Hannibal’s finest plan.

The north London outfit headlined The Amersham Arms this past Saturday with a verve and aggression that was undeniable. They took the emotive destruction of IDLES and razor sharp lyricism of Sleaford Mods and put it through their distorted outer space landscapes.  

Latest single ‘Living in a Teacake’, recalled the early guitars and bass licks of Dogs classic ‘London Bridge’. Here though, they go harder and more punkadelic to reach new dystopian glories.

On ‘Check Me Out’, they again find that past sweet spot and combine it with their twisted future. It’s a spellbinding concoction, and when Cooke’s vocals hit full force, they transcend music. They become a devilish subconscious you cannot switch off.

It may have taken five years, but on this evidence it was more than worth it.

This Friday marks our 8th birthday. Come down to the New Cross Inn for a night of great live music from 7pm. Click the image for tickets:

Sick Love – Soccer Mom

Led by future icon Rebecca Geary, Dublin’s Sick Love take garage rock to the edge of pop-punk on this spiky but humorous mission statement.

They’ve have come out swinging with Stooges riffs and solos on this sardonic take on suburban life. IT’s visceral in places but always with a pop immediacy demanding your attention. In Conor McLoughlin, Sean O'Connor and Cormac O'Neill, Sick Love have a real in your face dynamic. They’ve a humble quality on stage, a real sense of this could be your gang shines through them.

Once you throw the enigmatic Geary into the mix, all bets off! The detail in her vocal delivery is remarkable at such a fledgling stage of the bands career. Brace yourselves!

Bugeye - Disco Dancer

Croydon outfit Bugeye, now a four piece since, have been working with Paul Tipler (Placebo, Idlewild, Stereolab) on their new single ‘Disco Dancer’.

Razor sharp basslines and highly sexed guitar riffs, this is a alt-pop anthem to conjure images of post-punk at CBGB’s in its late 70s/early 80s heyday. We defy you to not dance in the mirror at home to these licks!

The merging of Blondie’s funk and Elastica’s aggression feels a natural home for Bugeye and one they can expand upon to even greater things.

*Image courtesy of Stuart Bennett (Deacon Communication)  

Bugeye: Good Mixer, Camden

It’s hard not to think about the Mixer’s mythology on the approach to Inverness Street. The formative years of the art-rock scene congregating with the NME and Select journos, planning world domination. In 2018, the egos of yesteryear can be ill afforded in an era of isolation for bands.

Step forward London three piece Bugeye. They are back on the promotional trail with their slick new single ‘Is This Love’, this though, is where the formalities end.

It is a razor sharp display of post-punk riffs which are begging to be danced to. The in front woman Angela Martin, Bugeye have an icon in the making. Combining the wry snarl of Ari Up with the pithy sex fuelled Justine Frischmann, Martin is carving a space for glory.

Expect to see eye make up in a live venue near you soon!