Apeman Spaceman

Apeman Spaceman: The Amersham Arms, London

When 2 members of cult heroes Dogs (Johnny Cooke & Rikki Mehta) formed Apeman Spaceman in 2014, it felt inevitable the world wouldn’t miss out on their genius twice. The success, and more importantly, their vision wasn’t forthcoming immediately. However, 5 years on, it’s all coming together like Hannibal’s finest plan.

The north London outfit headlined The Amersham Arms this past Saturday with a verve and aggression that was undeniable. They took the emotive destruction of IDLES and razor sharp lyricism of Sleaford Mods and put it through their distorted outer space landscapes.  

Latest single ‘Living in a Teacake’, recalled the early guitars and bass licks of Dogs classic ‘London Bridge’. Here though, they go harder and more punkadelic to reach new dystopian glories.

On ‘Check Me Out’, they again find that past sweet spot and combine it with their twisted future. It’s a spellbinding concoction, and when Cooke’s vocals hit full force, they transcend music. They become a devilish subconscious you cannot switch off.

It may have taken five years, but on this evidence it was more than worth it.

This Friday marks our 8th birthday. Come down to the New Cross Inn for a night of great live music from 7pm. Click the image for tickets:

Apeman Spaceman at Old Blue Last, London

“A work in progress” decrees frontman Johnny Cooke at the end of the night. If he is right, then spectacular things loom for the London four piece.

Whilst their status as a band is relatively new, the heavyweight experience from Dogs and Razorlight is obvious. They know what works and waste no time flaunting their brilliance. ‘Have Not Love’ and ‘Spacecatraz’ stomp their way into a pack Old Blue Last’s hearts and minds their abrasive and infectious post-punks riffs.

Amidst the poetic degradation and fury, a nugget of pop gold, ‘Birthdays’. Cooke’s delivery is worthy of the paisley and c86 scene of the 80s. Whilst the melodic vocal shimmers, the guitars build to anthem levels as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Closing the set is the “bipolar express” ‘War’. Whoever wants more from a last song is one greedy cunt. Frenetic, poetic, and anthemic, it’s a drunken singalong triumph. Radio airwaves have to take notice of Apeman Spaceman, and fast!