Old Blue Last

Apeman Spaceman at Old Blue Last, London

“A work in progress” decrees frontman Johnny Cooke at the end of the night. If he is right, then spectacular things loom for the London four piece.

Whilst their status as a band is relatively new, the heavyweight experience from Dogs and Razorlight is obvious. They know what works and waste no time flaunting their brilliance. ‘Have Not Love’ and ‘Spacecatraz’ stomp their way into a pack Old Blue Last’s hearts and minds their abrasive and infectious post-punks riffs.

Amidst the poetic degradation and fury, a nugget of pop gold, ‘Birthdays’. Cooke’s delivery is worthy of the paisley and c86 scene of the 80s. Whilst the melodic vocal shimmers, the guitars build to anthem levels as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Closing the set is the “bipolar express” ‘War’. Whoever wants more from a last song is one greedy cunt. Frenetic, poetic, and anthemic, it’s a drunken singalong triumph. Radio airwaves have to take notice of Apeman Spaceman, and fast!

Cabbage live at Old Blue Last

For 20 minutes of this 30 minute set, Cabbage are the best band on the planet.

They open with 'Uber Capitalist Death Trade' and hone the ramshackle beauty of The Libertines via the oddball genius of the Happy Mondays.

With barely time to draw breath, they launch into ‘Kevin’ cause everyone to question everything they know about music. A pulsating channeling of The Sonics via Bo Ningen provides a superbly violent anthem for this small but adoring set of fans.

Some light relief comes in the form of the decadent 'Fickle'. It strides drunkenly wherever the fuck it wants before a warped guitar solo chimes out like an acid ridden four minute warning siren.

Closing the show out are ‘Necroflat In The Place’ and ‘Free Steve Avery (Wrong America)’. The intensity remains, but, the quality dips ever so slightly as the peculiarities of ‘Kevin’ fade. What you are left with, is another dose of Palma Violets or Libertines b-sides. To be clear, they are matching their quality, no mean feat!

Cabbage, at their best tonight, are setting the agenda and blowing all their peers away. Be sure to be on their tour in the New Year.